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National Ostrich Company  imports Healthy and vaccinated, Breeder ostrich chicks from South Africa . To all Ostrich Farmers, National Ostrich Company  provides complete training, technical assistance, consultancy, medication to ensure safe and risk free investment in Ostrich Farming. National Ostrich Company  consultants visit farm before and after construction to ensure right standards. After delivery of Ostrich chicks, National Ostrich Company  Consultants regularly visit farms to ensure compliance with standards, health of chicks and success of farm.  National Ostrich Company helps Ostrich farmers in managing every stage of Ostrich farming from chick rearing, breeding, hatching, and brooding. National Ostrich Company  also provides Ostrich related products like special food for Ostrich including starters, grower, finishers and layer feed, as well as medications to farmers.  National Ostrich Company  is not only creating market for Ostrich meat and leather inside Pakistan, but it is also doing business with international clients all over the world.

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